Access and Success for Adults Staff have witnessed lives transformed! 

With 30+ years of serving displaced homemakers, single and divorced individuals in transition, widows, and other dislocated, unemployed and underemployed individuals, we have seen many triumphs! Individuals choose to make valuable changes in their lives! Changes that positively affect their personal lives and the lives of their families in order to become self sufficient.

Access and Success for Adults

Access and Success for Adults is a 501(c)3      non-profit organization located in an Appalachian area of Southern Ohio. 

Our service area includes the counties of Adams, Brown, Clinton, Fayette and Highland.

Our Board of Directors work closely with local service providers and educational institutions to provide tools needed for adult learners to overcome barriers, set and work toward obtaining educational and/or employment goals.

Access and Success for Adults uses the "Your Place" for the Adult Learner Curriculum to provide tools for

adult learners to

overcome barriers and achieve goals.

Rhonda Fannin, CoAuthor and Facilitator, discusses the Curriculum as it consists of three main components:

Transitional Life Skills,

Educational Skills and Workplace Skills